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Until the end of february: 50% discount on the M908 Surround Monitor Controller and the ADC1, ADC2, Dante and Diglink options!!!! Now is the time!

PSI Audio Studio Monitors.


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"When you purchase a new Grace Design m908 monitor controller between October 16th through the end of November, you'll receive an option card of your choice for FREE!! You can choose an ADC-1 8-channel A/D or Dante or Digilink or Ravenna. There's never been a better time to add the class-leading m908 22.2 system to your studio!"

Check out the new Rupert Neve Designs MBT (Master Buss Transformer)!!!

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New from Rupert Neve Designs.

The NEWTON CHANNEL. An affordable channel strip with the legendary sound quality.

New Product: SPL MTC Mk2 – The next generation Monitor & Talkback Controller

Here it is! The long-awaited successor of the MTC Monitor Controller celebrates its product launch today.

This SPL classic has been updated with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments.

Advanced source and speaker selection, multiple monitoring modes, an integrated premium talkback system, headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix, an additional input for a dedicated artist mix and an internal audio operating voltage of +/-18 volts make the MTC Mk2 the next generation Monitor & Talkback Controller. Studio standard redefined.

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“The MTC Mk2 offers a lot more than just the standard feature-set of a monitor controller. Besides a premium talkback system, one of its game changing new features is the SPL Phonitor Matrix, which enables the engineer to also create perfect mixes on headphones.”

Hermann Gier, Managing Partner

Lavry AD122-96 MX Analogue/Digital Converter has arrived and is available for demo. This is the most advanced A/D converter in the known universe.

We are pleased to announce that from now on we will be selling LAVRY Engineering products. Probably the best converters in this universe.

Have a look at their other gear too: LAVRY

Chandler released 2 new 500 Series modules:

TG Opto Compressor

TG12345 MKIV

Real sexy stuff!

more info? Look here:



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Did you know we sold 3 RND 5088 consoles over the last 12 months? Here are some photos of our last install. A very unique install in a very special place. More news to follow. What can we do for you?

Useful Arts now available from Juke Box. Looking for the perfect Tube DI/Pre for Bass and Guitar?

Serpent Audio now available from Juke Box Benelux!

We will be present on the AES in Paris.

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Now available, the brand new Manley ELOP+. Great looks, legendary sound and it has never been so affordable!

Juke Box is now also distributing Prosodia Monitors. These professional Studio Monitors are a revelation and a joy to discover!

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After lot's of demand from customers and shops Juke Box Ltd Benelux is now active in France! With Fred and Herve (ex-Juke Box France) available to help french customers, we are looking forward to a very creative and audiofile future.

Your contacts: Fred Perrin +33 (0)6 14120045 et Herve +33 0()6 07 63 34 46

New website!

Our new website is taking shape. We ask you to have a little more patience. More exciting news will follow soon!

After the sad closing of Juke Box Ltd France last month, Filip De Vos, manager of Juke Box Ltd Benelux declares that the Benelux branch is healthy, alive and kicking!
At the end of last year De Vos acquired all assets in Juke Box Benelux becoming the sole owner and manager. According to him the pro-audio business is rapidly changing, but
the small structure of Juke Box Benelux together with the highly specialised brands enable the company to be very flexible. From the start the aim has been to offer a limited range of high quality, specialised gear coupled with a level of service rarely seen these days. The turnover of Juke Box Benelux is rising, so according to the De Vos the company is here to stay! www.jukeboxltd.be

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Distribution and sales of pro-audio equipment, technical consultancy.
As one of the very few professional audio-engineers (IAD- Louvain-la-Neuve) in this business, with 30 years of experience and a profound technical background we have an ecological viewpoint and a long-term vision.
That is why we will only propose you equipment you really need and can make good use of, instead of pushing the boxes we would like to sell.
We only offer top-quality brands backed up by a first rate service.

Logo Juke Box Limited

Juke Box Limited, established in 1995 has become one of the most respected names in pro-audio distribution in France.

After representing some of the Juke Box brands in the Benelux on an independent basis and due to the positive client feedback Juke Box Limited Benelux was started in October 2008 as an independent subsidiary.

After the sad closing of Juke Box France beginning 2015 and following the demand of a lot of customers we started to serve the French market in october 2015. Fred Perrin and Herve (both ex Juke Box France) are now handling customers in France.

Some of the brands distributed in the Benelux are the same as in France others are specific for the Belux, France or Benelux markets. What is common however is the level of professionalism, quality and service, all out of respect for the client.

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