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2.995,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Rupert Neve Designs Shelford Channel.

Showroom model in New Condition! Never been in a rack, original packaging, manual, power chord. Full warranty!

This is a unique deal!

more info: https://rupertneve.com/products/shelford-channel

price ex VAT (3623.95 € VAT included), shipping possible

915,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Neumann KH120 A G Active STudio Monitor PAIR. New, overstock, full waranty.

Price ex VAT per pair. 1107,15 € VAT included.

Shipping possible, contact us for shipping cost.

 is being distributed in Belgium

 is being distributed in France

 is being distributed in Netherlands

 is being distributed in Luxembourg

3.675,00 €
[Excl VAT]

SPL Crescendo 19inch 8 channel Mic Preamp based on SPL's Voltair 120 Volt technology.

Showroom model in pristine condition. Checked and packed as new with full warranty. UNIQUE DEAL!!

Price ex VAT!

Shipping possible, price on request.

more info: https://spl.audio/en/spl-produkt/crescendo/

2.964,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Hazelrigg VNE Single-Channel All Tube PWM Compressor

Based on the legendary D.W. Fearn VT-7. Hazelrigg are the new owners of D.W. Fearn and fully implement and manufacture to his original high standards.

Unique compressor! (one of the fastes in the tube compressor range).

Showroom model in mint condition!

Full warranty!

more info: https://www.hazelriggindustries.com/vne-compressor

Price VAT included: 3586,44 Euro

2.484,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Hazelrigg VLC channel strip (Mic pre and EQ), with D.W. Fearn designed circuitry. Hazelrigg is now the owner of D.W. FEARN.

Circuits of the Fearn VT-1 en VT-4 are used in this channel strip. Amazing sound! Incredible on Bass Guitar!

Showroom model in perfect condition

more info: https://www.hazelriggindustries.com/vlc

Price VAT included: 3005,64 Euro

 is being distributed in Belgium

 is being distributed in Netherlands

 is being distributed in France

 is being distributed in Luxembourg

585,00 €
[Excl VAT]

SPL Crimson 3 USB Audio interface and monitor controller. Showroom model in perfect condition with full warranty!!!!

Black Version

more info: https://spl.audio/en/spl-produkt/crimson-3/

Price ex VAT (707,85 Euro VAT included)

1.250,00 €
[Excl VAT]

KORG SV-1 88 keys Stage Vintage Sytnhesiser (Piano)

Showroom model in mint condition. Has never been outside the showroom.

Comes with original stand, damper pedal en expression pedal. Original carrying bag for keyboard (not for stand) and manual.

Super deal!!

No original packaging and no shipping!!

with VAT invoice!

price VAT included:1512,50 Euro

925,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Roland JD-Xa 49-Key Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer

Showroom model in mint condition! Super deal. Has never been out of the showroom.

No original packaging but normally with manual.

No shippping! only pickup.

with VAT invoice

Price VAT included: 1119,25 Euro

2.499,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Chandler Limited GAV19T boutique guitar amplifier with slanted cabinet (2 x Celestion Alnico Gold wired to 16 Ohm).

Super sound! Boutique setup at an incredible price (listprice about 4000 Euro ex VAT).

Showroom model in mint condition! no packaging, only pickup at our offices. Original warranty!

price including VAT: 3023,79 Euro.

330,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Neumann KMS104 cardioid condenser handheld microphone. Brand New! (overstock)

price VAT included: 399,30 Euro

180,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Fredenstein Magic Pre Mic preamp 500 Series. Top of the line Fredenstein Mic preamp.

Showroom model in perfect condition!

Price VAT included: 217,80 Euro

EPSON EB-S04 projector  new condition

150,00 €
[Excl VAT]

Compact Projector Epson EB-S04. VGA & HDMI input, remote control, transport BAG. Has been used for maximum 1 hour. In perfect condition but obsolete.

Official invoice possible.

Price ex VAT.

195,00 €
[Excl VAT]

EATON ELP 1600 UPS Surge Protection, Power Backup. 1600VA Surge Protection and Power Backup. 9 months old.

Super reliable product.

Only used for 48h. Makes a bit too much noise to use at my desk.

Package absent. For the rest: as new!

Price ex VAT, official invoice possible.

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