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Juke Box Limited Filip De Vos

Kampenhoutsebaan 28A - B-1910 Kampenhout, BE-VBR, Belgium - +32.495612512 - filip@jukeboxltd.be


Chandler RS124 Compressor

Chandler Limited RS124 mono channel tube compressor. Legendary Abbey Road design based.

Super compressor! Totally new, only 1 pce available.

Price: 2499 Euro ex VAT. Shipping possible (contact us for pricing)

More info: https://chandlerlimited.com/rs124-compressor/

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Bus Processor

Rupert Neve Designs Portico II Master Bus Processor.

Brand new, only 1 pce available!

Price: 3666 Euro ex VAT. Shipping possible (contact us for pricing)

more info: https://rupertneve.com/products/master-buss-processor

SPL Crimson 3 Audio Interfac

SPL Crimson 3 Audio interface. Super sounding audio interface with plenty of functions, Analogue Sound!

White Version, Full warranty

more info:https://spl.audio/en/spl-produkt/crimson/

Price: 545 Euro ex VAT. Super deal

Price ex VAT. shipping possible, contact us for shipping cost.


 is being distributed in Belgium

 is being distributed in France

 is being distributed in Netherlands

 is being distributed in Luxembourg

A PHONON SMB02 SUBSONIC Headphone for the incredible price of 180 Euro ex VAT! (217,80 Euro VAT included)!

more info: https://phonon-inc.com/portfolio/smb-02/?lang=en

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